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Roxas Night Market is a relaxing pixel-art tycoon game set in the streets of Davao City, Philippines. The city's mayor sets you on a task to make Davao's very own Roxas avenue into a bustling night market.

Buy stalls. Upgrade and restock them. Unlock unique customers. Do everything it takes to make Roxas avenue the best night market ever!


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Good day to you, Junel!

Ginawa ko ito yung review ng Roxas Night Market! Check it out if you like:


sana matuloy mo itong laro na to, maraming salamat!


Good day rin Carlo! Thank you so much for that awesome review!

Oo pinagpapatuloy ka pa ang development ng larong ito. Kaso, pinopolish ko talaga ng todo kaya matatagalan pa bago ang next release.

Again, thank you so much!


Magandang araw, Junel!

I came across your game, Roxas Night Market, while scrolling through itch.io for games that could pass the time. When I read the title, I wondered whether it was a Filipino game. Intrigued, I clicked on and saw that indeed it was! I quickly looked for the download button.

I shared and played the game with my friends and first and foremost, it was such a fun experience! The sprites are so cute and the game was quite relaxing to play.

We’ll be supporting the game and whatever becomes of it. Thus, I hope you wouldn’t mind some suggestions:

For the “Average Joe” and “Average Jane” customers, wouldn’t the names Jose and Josefina fit better, considering the game’s non-apologetically Filipino context? We’d also suggest for Jack “The Businessman” to be called Juanito instead (like one of the rich kids in El Fili). Similarly, “The Granny” could be changed to “Lola Granny”.

If you’re going to incorporate Filipino culture, then don’t hesitate to go all the way~

While on the subject of customer characters, for “The Vegan”, wasn’t the movie Okja and not Okjar? Oh and her sprite design, instead of a western hippy stereotype, wouldn’t it be nicer if her colour scheme revolved around the colours commonly found in traditional Filipino garments like red, white, and black? We also caught the vegan eating from the kwek-kwek stall, which is a no-no since kwek-kwek is made of quail eggs. Lastly, “The Vegan from Vigan” has a nice ring to it and would be pretty funny in the character’s bio note.

“Vice Gander” is one of our favourite characters in the game. It was so fun watching out for them to turn into a horse! We got a nice giggle every time we caught them. We’d just like to suggest that the character should also attract customers to the stall. If a national celebrity was seen in your store, people are bound to follow.

“P. Diggy” was also very fun! The first time we saw him say OBOSEN gave us a hearty laugh. We love it! But P. Diggy should be busy serving the people, so maybe try lowering his spawning rate. (HAHAHA I just had a good laugh right now imagining the actual P. Diggy spawning from Malacañang to Davao.)

We also noticed that most of the sprites’ skin tones are fairly white. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.

We’d love to see more unlockable customers in the future! How about adding a western tourist customer who has blonde hair and an I <3 PH t-shirt?

Moving on to the stalls, our favourite upgrades were the mascot ones. The kwek-kwek mascot and the banana man were so cute with their little hands and little dance! For the banana man costume though, how about giving him a little moustache as a reference to Empoy from “Kita kita”, the indie flick that passed the country like a storm?

We’d like to propose for the ice-cream stall to have a sign that says Sorbetes or Cornetta. Speaking of upgrades, the “pidgeon” (wrong spelling, by the way) upgrade for the fountain would be much more accurate if it were the maya birds instead. Or even funnier, the Philippine Eagle. And while on the subject of fountains, we’d love to see more fountain designs! (How about an Andres Bonifacio parody of the Venus pose with a red handkerchief covering his privates?)

More different kinds of stalls as well please! We suggest having an ukay-ukay stall and a souvenir stall.

Lastly, the restocking mechanic of the game gets too tiring and repetitive once you’ve unlocked all of the plots and filled them up with stalls. Halfway through the game, there should be a buyable or unlockable “restock all” option. Oh and don’t you think that leftover stocks from the day shouldn’t be transferred on to the next? Realistically speaking, who would want to eat day old kwek-kwek?

We love the game and we’re excited to see it branch out and grow!

Ipagpatuloy mo ang proyektong ito, kapatid! Maraming salamat.

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Maraming maraming salamat bukopies sa inyong magagandang suggestions at honest na feedback!

I'm still working on this game to make it have more content. I really love your suggestions and I'll probably include most of them in the next update (or version? Roxas Night Market 2?!?!). It's also in my goals to add more famous Filipino artists, characters, stall varieties and Philippine symbols that would definitely make Filipino culture more infused to the game, but I'm also limiting myself from adding too much Filipino references because it might become unrelatable for other players. 

Spoilage mechanic is also interesting and can make the game a bit more challenging - so I have to test if it would work.

However, I'm really trying to polish the game right now - I even made major changes to the gameplay and restructured most of the game code and redid all of the art - so it might take a long time before Part 2/updates will arrive!

Again, thank you so much for playing the game! I'm glad you had fun!


Ooh, sounds exciting! I'll be waiting for that update!!

(P.S. One more suggestion: how about making Pia Wurtzbach a character?)

Stay tuned! Haha!

Fun game! I got lazy by not restocking due my click laziness and 'lost' :((((((((((((((((((((

Hey Spoonage! I think you're playing on version 1.0.0. It's bugged so you cannot win! Version 1.0.2 has it fixed. Thanks for playing though :D

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Nice game.  I accidentally started the day without doing any kind of re-stocking.  So while we might not stock to full, which is intentional by the player, I think if "re-stock" was not picked at all, maybe the game could give a warning.  As well as keeping the choice of fast or slow speed throughout the different nights that the game runs.

Those are simple suggestions but they do really make things less repetitive (by not clicking speed up everytime) and user-friendly (giving warning when not restocking). I'll keep those in mind when making the updates ;). Thank you for playing!

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I love the game, but the mid-late game does get a bit boring after all the stand areas have been filled, even after I replace a few of the less profitable stands.

 A fill all the stocks button would be a great idea especially when you only have like 1 or 2 stock left. 

As well, when the days themselves ending it would be great if either the day waited for all the customers to leave to end or the customers stopped spawning at like 11:30pm because the day will end and some of the stands that have yet to run out of stock still have lines of people to sell to...especially if it's one of the stands with 1 stock left that is cut off in mid-purchase by the day ending. 

Also, the little +[Amount] pop-up that appears next to the amount of gold you have becomes rather useless when you reach 3-4 stands because all the profits overall each other into a green blur of unreadable numbers. It's great for making someone feel like they're making a lot though XD!

There was also a time the Isaw stand when into -1 stock. No idea how it happened, but it did. 

The game overall is quite lovely though!

Also - Hiya tigidig. Had to google it, but nice

EDIT: Oh, and as an after thought, because I know a bunch of people were recommending new customers to spice up the end game - it'd be funny if the ever-so mysterious source of the red blinking sewer eyes decided to come buy some Isaw or something XD

EDIT 2: I just finished it and now I'm silently raging when she returned only to say the market wasn't as profitable as she wanted it, considering I had ~30,000 gold just sitting there as I was just going through the motion the last view days and she's like, "Oh the net value is only like 19,000, that's not good enough. If she said a goal value, I completely forgot, and I couldn't exactly tell the net value (or maybe I missed something that said it, dunno). I don't have the patience to go through the game again for the sake of trying to get it above whatever profit she wanted (assuming it's like 20k or something?). The gameplay itself, I still did enjoy mostly though.

Thanks misstify!

I plan on updating the game though with all these suggestions in mind.

And yes, the late-game can be a bit underwhelming and get a bit boring (and the ending is rage-inducing if you lose)!  I'll also probably add some statistics page in-game so the player can track if he/she is winning and add some more unlockable items/customers to help make the mid-late game interesting or even add some replayability value.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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This game is funny, yeah. Untill day 80 or 70. After that the only thing to do is to replace stands and upgrade them but, I feel like it needs some changes. First of all it would be awesom if there was a "Fill all the stocks" or something like that, to avoid being too much time filling them yourself (it takes a few seconds, but they feel like hours). Then we have the end. I imaging that to complete the game you need like or very expensive stands or make a lot of money in overall, so the fact that I've been jumping days without anything in stock may have affected. As I said there's not much to do after you complete all the construction spaces or seen all the stands. Few more customers, stands and may be challenges (like, you need to purchase something before a day, or a special customer has to be satisfied or something) will make the game more enyoilable in the mid-late game. However, I have had fun with it and is great to be able to say what I think after more than 1 hour in high speed and after 100 days. I haven't seen much bugs, just one, the stock of a stand appeared -1 so...

One thing more: the stands are very balanced and the type of customers too, something that is very good to see in a tycoon.

Great game, anyways.

I really appreciate that feedback Legolas! I'll try to update this game in the future to make restocking easier, and make the late game more interesting.

I'm glad that you had fun with it though and that you found it balanced (I really wanted it to be that way!). So thank you for that!

I enjoyed it a lot! I played through all 100 days on a livestream. I enjoyed the early and mid game but toward the last 30 days I felt like there wasn't much more for me to spend my money on or manage. Adding some new customer types that unlock throughout and also some new,  even more expensive stalls toward the end would help alleviate this. Perhaps more upgrades for the stalls could also help. I also think a button to restock all stalls at once to their max would be a nice addition. Regardless, I had a fun time! Looking forward to what's next! :)

Thanks NLaigis! I am really glad you had a fun time with game. Yes, I agree that there really isn't a lot going on in the late game. I'll make updates in the future to add more stuff to make the game more interesting!

 By the way, I'm really sorry that you lost though. There was definitely a bug which I will be fixing. I would just like to confirm though that you definitely should have won that game in your stream!

No worries! I found it more funny in retrospect than fustrating! Made for a fun stream moment too. :)


I instantly fell in love with this game as soon as I started playing it. I've always loved games where you start out as a samll business and need to purchase upgrades and meet your supply with your demand and this game is no exception. I can't wait to play more and I would definetly reccomend this to anyone who likes these types of games. You've really got a good game and I hope that you continue to improve it with updates. 

Thank you that great feedback Mutant Gamer! I'll definitely make some more updates for this game in the future!